Classified Advertising to Build Trust

It’s all about trust and relationships.

19. Jun 2019
Classified Advertising to Build Trust

Consumers are interested in learning more about products before they buy. Rather than having to talk with a customer service representative, sales clerk, or other ‘real person’, they can find out exactly what they want to know by accessing information through websites, newsgroups, forums, and social groups. They also visit the hundreds of classified advertising websites to find out what’s available and what’s new.

Classified advertising has become a major player in the online market. With literally thousands of categories and sub-categories of products and services, it’s easier today than ever for people to find what they want. And using the Internet gives them the added advantage of being able to comparison shop with the click of a mouse.

Competitive analysis

Not only are people interested in doing some competitive analysis based on price, they are also searching for products that offer the most benefits. That’s when classified advertising has a huge opportunity to make a difference in which website’s people visit and which products the purchase.

For example, if your classified ad provides information about the product’s features and gives a company background, the reader is likely to become quickly discouraged with your ad. You’ll never get that almighty mouse click you desire! If your ad is filled with information that is not relevant to the product and does not attest to the benefits and value of the product itself, you’re not likely to get a visitor or a customer anytime soon.

Appeal to customer desire

Classified ads must appeal to the customer’s needs and desires. That’s why people want to use the Internet for learn more about products. They are taking seconds, and sometimes a single second, to decide if your ad is worth pursuing. People prefer to make their buying decisions based on their impressions of what you have to offer and their emotional needs at the time of purchase.

Give shoppers ‘control’

Shoppers also want to maintain control of the situation, so if they find that you are trying to ‘sell’ them something, or coerce them into buying, they will turn away. However, if your ad indicates you have something of value for them and you appreciate them as a potential customer, they’re more likely to read further. Making your customer feel smarter than you are and giving them the control to make a buying decision will encourage them to visit your website and learn more about you.

Trust and relationships

It’s all about trust and relationships. You start building trust with your headline and you continue building trust with your content. As trust increases and readers click to your website, you have the opportunity to build a strong relationship. And as you already know, relationships sell!

Use your classified ads to make your potential customers feel good about themselves by helping them feel appreciated, valued, and in control. You’re likely to end up with a long-term customer.




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